A Copywriter’s 5 Point Guide to Getting it Right

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I recently had one of my most challenging assignments ever – writing copy for my own website…!!

So…what’s the challenge…?  Writing is something that has always come naturally to me.  I love writing copy.  I am luckier than most in that I have been able to turn one of my great passions into my profession.

But it suddenly dawned on me, almost the same moment I set pen to paper.

I was no longer simply the copywriter…I was now also the client.   My client…!!  How could I possibly get this right as, like most of us, I am always most critical of my own work.  How would I know when it was complete…finished…dare I say perfect…???

Spinning a rather dizzy 180 degrees to the other side of the table had taken my breath away.  I suddenly understood the hurdles, recognized the pitfalls and totally got the ‘I can’t write copy’ argument.  But how could this happen to me…?  I have won international awards for writing…!

I suppose it goes back to the cobbler’s shoes scenario.  Within the creative field, I suddenly questioned how a respected web designer could possibly showcase his myriad of skills in his own website…?  How could a film producer promote the power of the moving image in just a few minutes…?

The word ‘challenge’ didn’t come close to describing the task ahead of me.  What would I say…?  How would I say it…?  And what would people think when they read it…?

But suddenly…I realised that this was in fact a fantastic opportunity.  This was a chance to experience at first hand, understand and overcome some of the issues facing my clients every day.

Stress Less
Stress Less

Copywriting is like everything else, it becomes a lot simpler if you stick to the rules…

  1. Good copy never starts with the copy…it starts with a concise brief.

Take time to get the brief right, and the copy will write itself.

  1. Ask yourself who your audience is, and ensure you speak in their language.
  1. Worry less about what you want to say. Instead, look at what your client needs to hear.
  1. Give them reasons to choose you above and beyond the competition. Don’t look to either side, but instead stay focused on what you do, and why you do it better than anyone else.
  1. Never look on copy as just something to fill a space. Every word should add value.  If not, leave it out.

This was indeed a challenge, but one that confirmed why I do what I do for a living.

Copywriting is a breeze when you find the right copywriter, because if they love what they do, you’ll love what they can do for you.

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